The Birth of Happiness Parties™

I have a standing girls night every Friday.  Sometimes just two of us show up and other times it could be eight or ten.  One Friday last summer I must have been particularly enthusiastic about all the stuff on happiness that I have been studying because one of my friends, Elizabeth, asked me if she hosted a dinner party for the girls would I come and teach them what I have been learning.  I immediately said yes because as much as I love learning about happiness, I love sharing what I’m learning even more.  That’s why I went into the profession I did, to disseminate information that helps people live happier, more fulfilling lives.  So, we decided on a date and time and the makings of the first Happiness Party™ was underway.  Of course, at the time I didn’t know this would be something I would develop further and add to my therapeutic services but once I started conceptualizing how and what I would share with my friends I realized this really had potential for helping others in a casual and fun way, which is my mission for Share It With Merrett.

That first party was a great success and since then, I’ve facilitated Happiness Parties™ for family, friends and colleagues in order to work out the kinks and really develop a party plan that is fun, interesting, meaningful and most important, useful.  I walk participants through a variety of exercises to help them realize where happiness is already abundant in their lives, how to cultivate it further, and practices for sustaining it after the party is over.  Utilizing concepts from positive and solution-focused psychology, I’ve put together some really great activities and truly enjoy sharing them.  Research is clear in what contributes to happiness and I integrate as much as I can into the activities but there is much more than can be covered in one evening so I’m already working on ideas for the next round of parties!

To book a Happiness Party™ or learn more about them just click here and visit the page dedicated to them on this website.

To your Happiness!