The Art of Inner Expression

I’m very excited to announce that I will be facilitating a group I developed while working for an agency called the “Art of Inner Expression” on July 25. Thank you to Nadine Watson, Sagacy Coaching for starting A Woman’s Dialogue. Here is a link to the Meetup with more information:

This group is designed to help you recognize your “gut feeling” and to further develop that sense. Everyone has a sense of what “feels” right or wrong but we often choose not to follow it for one reason or another and after a while we can become so far removed from what we truly feel that it takes some practice to get it back. This group uses creative expression (not art!) to help re-engage you with that inner gut sense. You will come away with a sense of connection to your deeper self and some reflection on what is going on in your internal world. Art supplies are used but focus is on the process vs. the product. You will express yourself and “create” an image on paper but it will not be shared with the group, but your experience will be. You do not need to be an artist or adept at drawing in any way.

How it works: Laminated cards with abstract words will be splayed out on a table for you to peruse through and you will chose the word or words that “speak” to you. You want to follow your initial gut feeling and not second-guess yourself, when a word strikes you, grab it, do not think about it just grab it. Then you will be given time to sit with your word/s and allow that feeling to develop a little more. This is a quiet time to focus inward. When you feel inspired to express whatever comes up that is the time to start your creation. This will take about 30-40 minutes and when we are done we will turn the creations over, so they are concealed, and discuss what the process was like for each person in the group. This is a brief summary of the Art of Inner and further instructions will be given at the group.