How Does it Work?

Here is how it works. There are times when you need someone to listen and provide advice that is non-judgemental and, more importantly, unbiased. With Share It With Merrett, you’ll share your problem and I will provide some good alternatives for you.

Sometimes it will be offering a different perspective or a taking fresh look at things with a new point of view. Other times, it will be reinforcing what you already think is the right thing to do and turn that into something that feels right. I want to empower you to make the right choices for you and your life.

People can get stuck in their ways and in their analysis of what’s happening. It takes a compassionate and realistic look at the facts and what’s happening to help provide some good feedback and answers from a licensed professional.

Getting the assistance you deserve and the assistance you need is easy. Set up an appointment and we’ll be ready to listen. Our appointments are scheduled in 20 minutes increments and costs just $2 per minute, making it affordable, and you can call me from the comfort and privacy of your home. There’s no need to come into an office. There’s no need to disclose information to an insurance company. You’re here to discuss your problem. I’m here to help.

If both of us agree that additional time is necessary or a follow up call is appropriate, that choice is up to you — and I’ll be happy to schedule that.