Happiness Parties

HP Title“It’s like Pampered Chef for the soul!” ~Happiness Party participant 

Happiness Parties ™ are a brand new way to help you find and recognize the happiness that is already in your life, cultivate more of it, and sustain it after the party is over. Through fun, guided exercises, you and your friends will discover how to get more joy out of everyday good moments and how to engage more deeply with the positive experiences in your life.

Interested in hosting your own Happiness Party™? Here’s how it works!

Your Happiness Party™ will be held at your home (or other private location) for you and invited guests. During your party, Merrett Sheridan, LMFT, will walk you and your guests through a number of fun and insightful exercises designed to show you how you can find happiness in the everyday occurrences of life. There will be breaks between each activity, where you and your guests are encouraged to enjoy refreshments and socialize with each other.

You will come away from your Happiness Party™ with a number of practical tools that you can add to your “Happiness Toolbox.”

Here is what some people are saying about their own Happiness Party™ experiences!

artAs I participated in the activities, I felt such a sense of tranquility and inner calm. Like a big sigh of relief or the kind of sigh that one makes when one is feeling joy and calm at the same time. I found that all my worries, stress, and pressures simply vanished.I walked away with a feeling of peace and the thought that I can take just a few minutes each day to color and to simply close my eyes and think of all the good things that I have.

If possible, I would do this again as it is the simplest of things, but brings such a sense of groupfulfillment and it helped to accept the fact that I do NEED to have just a few minutes to think of me and how many good things I am surrounded by.

I’ve learned to get back into touch with my inner child and use this quality time with myself as a therapeutic outlet. Thank you Merrett!!!!!

Have questions? Want to schedule your own Happiness Party™ ? Just email Merrett!

Managers! Is your team struggling with morale or cohesiveness? A Happiness Party for your organization may be the right choice, contact me to customize a menu of team building activities for your group!