Happiness Consulting Defined – An Alternative to Therapy

First, it is important to distinguish between pleasure and happiness. Lots of things bring us pleasure but ultimately do not make us happy at a fundamental level. Happiness Consulting helps you discover what truly makes you happy (hint, it’s probably not that granite countertop or big screen tv) and ways in which to connect with those things and/or ideas. Happiness Consulting uses the established theoretical concepts of positive psychology with a focus on a person’s natural gifts, talents, skills and passions. By mining for what is already there but likely bogged down and hidden away due to life’s trials and tribulations. I will help you RE-discover what truly makes you happy and hone those natural skills and talents to address any obstacles or challenges getting in the way of living the life you want and deserve. The key to finding and maintaining a sense of deep happiness (or contentment) in life is two-fold. First, discovering those specific things/ideas that you find joy and excitement about and second, recognizing what is within you that will allow you more access to those things. In other words, everyone has different things that make them happy and everyone has the inherent ability to move towards those things. Happiness Consulting is one on one help, when you need it, to stay focused on these steps.