Intelligent, down to earth understanding


“I had the opportunity to have a 20-minute phone call with Merrett and the advice was so good I chose to go another ten minutes. I’m really amazed at her compassion, how well she listens and understands what I am dealing with. The issues I was having with my girlfriend seemed so difficult to talk about and very complex. I was actually considering breaking up with her instead of talking to someone about it. After 30 minutes with Merrett, I understood the real issue, what I actually had control over, and what I could do to improve my relationship. Thanks to Merrett, hopefully my short-term relationship will end up long -term. I highly recommend this intelligent, down to earth woman for any difficult topics of discussion.”  David L. Fremont CA

Help When You Need It


“I was feeling  lost and even had a hard time getting out of bed some days.  I was in need of some serious help.  I needed advice but had no one to turn to.  Then, a mutual friend recommend Merrett to me. She was a God send.  She delved right into my problems and a heavy weight was lifted off my shoulders.  I am now a much happier person and cannot wait to start my day.  I still get advice from Merrett every week.  Thank you Merrett for changing my life.”  ANS, San Jose

An Immediate Sense of Progress and Empowerment

“Seeking support and guidance from Merrett has been one of the best things I’ve done for myself. It’s always difficult taking that first step in asking for help, but from the start I’ve experienced an immediate sense of progress and empowerment as she helped me to identify, understand, and in due course overcome problems that previously seemed undefeatable. She is very easy to open up to, and genuinely accepting. So, take the first step – you won’t be sorry”. LH, San Jose

Get Advice, Insight and Clear and Objective Solutions

“Merrett has given me advice on everything from parenting to dealing with sticky situations at work. She has a gift for getting to the heart of the problem quickly and offering a clear and objective solution. She has been a useful resource for me to get advice and insight on situations that I needed sound, helpful and productive direction on. Share It with Merrett has been a valuable resource for me when I need that objective advice on a subject without spending a lot of time and money running around finding a counselor. I highly recommend her service!!!” Laurel, Discovery Bay

Sometimes, There Really IS a Quick Fix!

“I highly recommend Share It with Merrett if you are looking for solutions to problems needing a quick fix. She has the expertise and credentials to support her abilities. I would use her again in a minute!” Debbie, Sunnyvale

Creative, Compassionate Problem Solving

“Merrett had a very unique way of helping me thru more than one problem that I was grappling with over the years. Merrett was quick to ascertain the scope of the problem and what it meant to me. She combined both her keen logic and creativity when approaching the problem that needed to be solved. She did it with compassion and often was able to aid me in finding the humor in the the problem, which was also helpful in ratcheting down the intensity of my own feelings regarding whatever problem I brought her. It also provided me with a new perspective.” Anonymous

Honest, Common Sense Advice

“Merrett is one of the most down to earth people I know. I’ve known her for many years, first as a client, then as a friend. I can always count on her for honest opinions, support, and common sense. Not only that, but she’s smart, funny, and fun to be with!”  Terri, Los Gatos

Straight-Forward, Helpful Advice on Relationship Issues

“I sought out Merrett’s advice before meetings with my soon to be ex-wife during contentious divorce meetings and she would always help me keep my priorities straight and get a hold of my negative emotions. She has a straight-forward approach that really worked for me while always keeping things light and reminding me of what was important. I highly recommend you “Share It With Merrett” if you want informed, helpful advice on relationship issues.” Ed, San Jose

Helping High Conflict Divorces With Sound Advice

“I’ve gone through a horrible divorce and custody battle over my son.  Merrett helped empower me with confidence, courage and a lot of compassion.  There is nothing worse than feeling like the system is against a parent that is trying to fight for their child.  But with her advice, I have overcome the system and so has my child.  Life is wonderful, and I continue to see her whenever I need the best advice.” Theresa, San Jose