Beat shame in 2014 with your G.A.S.P. Profile

Are you living with excessive negative thinking, low self-esteem and/or shame? Are you ready for 2014 to be the year you move past all that and live the life you were meant to live? Everyone is here to do something and has the ability to do it! Sadly, it is much easier to focus on your weaknesses than on your strengths, yet it is imperative to living a happy, fulfilled life that you take the time to recognize and cultivate your strengths. That is why I have developed the G.A.S.P. Profile to help you identify VERY SPECIFICALLY what your true strengths are by defining different kinds and giving you a framework to begin seeing yourself in a more holistic way. Your G.A.S.P. Profile defines your strengths into four categories: Gifts, Attributes, Skills and Passions. I’ve also created a G.A.S.P. worksheet to help you start and keep this list going. If you have difficulty coming up with things in any category, ask the people who know you best and whom you trust to give you honest feedback that you will take. You want to come up with as MANY as you can in each category because research shows that it takes five positive thoughts/remarks to counteract the negative impact of just one criticism.

I know it’s hard to give up thinking about how much you suck at something or have disappointed yourself in one way or another and I’m not asking you to do that because I’m sure it’s true and I’m not interested in arguing with you! Look, we ALL have failures, weaknesses and shortcomings the problem as I see it is that we often ONLY see those and get stuck in the cycle of shame (i.e. since I already did that then I might as well do this too – one unhealthy choice starts you down the path of making more). My belief is that we need to at least be fair with ourselves and if we are going to look at the negative then we’d better also be looking at, and sincerely incorporating, the positive. For as many failures and disappointments you have, believe me, you have just as many or more successes, talents and amazing abilities and you need to start making room for them in your headspace.

Think about this, when someone else calls you a name or puts you down in some way, your instinct is to defend yourself. However, when it’s your OWN mind thinking negative thoughts and holding malicious beliefs about you there is no defense. With this in mind, please read and download the G.A.S.P. worksheet and start the New Year out with an armory of positives to help you defend against negative self-talk and the shame that ensues.